Upholstery cleaning

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upholstery cleaning:

Upholstery Fabric or Fibers are broken down into the following major categories:

  • Natural
  • Protein-Wool, Silk
  • Cellulosic-Cotton, Linen
  • Manmade-Rayon, Acetate
  • Synthetic-Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Acrylic & Corterra

Natural and Synthetic Fibers differ in their ability to absorb moisture

Natural Fibers have a high absorbency rate while synthetics have a low absorbency factor.  This effects how the fibers are dyed and how easily they are stained.  One additional concern is drying time.  Natural fibers take longer to dry.

You can be sure that we will take proper note of the type of upholstery fabric during our pre-inspection to be sure your items are cleaned properly.